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Our own research and design and proficient in manufacturing on lampholders, switches, switching protectors, receptacles, indicator lights, electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lamps, wiring connectors, terminal blocks and wiring devices.
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* Exhibition
       Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
       Jun 9~12, 2013 Guangzhou, China
       Booth No.: HALL 3.2, BOOTH NO D42
* Rich Brand has started to prepare for the newest PLM system since February 10, 2009.

* Sun-lite/Rich Brand has been the partner of US Energy Star since 2006.
  Please visit website US ENERGY STAR PLATFORM APPROVAL for the platform
  letters   of approval for our energy saving products,thanks!
  Any questions please feel free to contact us by email or phone call.

* RoHS conformance has been performed in all of our processes
* ISO/TS16949 has been implemented in our company.

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